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The E3 POINT is the place where it all comes together and participants find themselves refueled and retooled. It's an experience that ENGAGES them purposefully, EQUIPS them practically, and ENCOURAGES them personally. Together, these three create an extraordinary learning and development experience for everyone involved.

ENGAGING. The kind of learning that actually changes people and predicaments can only come from real, personal commitment.  People need to care and find the information and insights pertinent to their own experience if they are going to consider them deeply or apply them energetically.  Dr. Johnston's good humor and personal style makes content more applicable, accessible, and enduring.

EQUIPPING. The truest test of a development experience is whether you're able to do something different, something better, as a result.  There should be demonstrable “value-added” and participants should not only be changed but prepared to continue developing on their own.  Dr. Johnston's work is rooted soundly in theory, but aimed at practice. Clients get the tools they need and the tactics to use them well.

ENCOURAGING. Leadership and life are emotional affairs, not for the faint-of-heart. In the whirlwind of “administrivia” and interpersonal demands, it takes unusual commitment and courage to keep yourself on track, let alone to lead others well. Dr. Johnston puts wind in clients' sails and makes them feel more capable.  They leave the engagement with new capacity and new vision for the future.



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Dr. Andrew Johnston serves a wide variety of leaders and organizations in corporate, educational, military, government, and non-profit environments including...