Dr. Johnston receives overwhelmingly positive feedback when evaluated by our students and is one of the most requested trainers in any of our programs. His teaching is of the highest quality and he is unusually able to adjust to the interests and needs of participants that emerge during the engagement. I am continually impressed by his ability to adapt to clients’ experience levels, tone, or needs and to smoothly combine research and academic content with practical discussion and activities. This is appealing and makes a lasting impact on participants. They consistently note his ability to capture their interest and advance their own knowledge and abilities.
— Melanie Adams, Head of Instruction & Curriculum, Center for Executive Education
Not only are you an excellent speaker but the depth of your knowledge and your gift for teaching impacted us deeply. It is common to attend an event and come away energized but it is rare to come away truly changed and given tools that make an immediate difference for yourself and your team/employer.
— Tammy Mason, Group Benefits Department Manager

, The Crichton Group
When considering speakers, Andrew was an obvious choice. He’s been a favorite for his teaching ability and his fine-tuned storytelling skills engage his audiences and keep them engrossed in the subject matter. Our team holds his knowledge base, teaching talent, and personal approach in highest regard.
— Chelsea Swindle, Executive Development Program Administrator
Dr. Johnston connects with people in ways other consultants don’t. He’s genuine, knowledgeable, and unmistakably committed to making them successful. As a result, people listen to him more closely, consider the substance more thoroughly, and apply the lessons more effectively.
— Vince Taylor, Vice President for Finance
Dr. Johnston makes a big impact on his clients... Leaders identify with him because he’s one of them. He’s been in the trenches and understands the challenges they face every day. This experience translates into a practical perspective and an ability to speak with insight, humor, and compassion on the business of moving people and organizations.
— Dr. Phil Cherico, Executive Pastor
Andrew always earns the highest level of recommendation from our clients and throughout the state. When a client calls the office and asks for a dynamic speaker on leadership, I think of Andrew first. He never misses the mark of challenging our executives to think broader and more intentionally about their roles. I highly recommend him!
— Jill Robinson, Director of Executive Learning and Marketing
We were thrilled with Dr. Johnston’s address... It raised the caliber of the entire event. He spoke right to the heart of our leaders and incorporated our theme and values beautifully.
— Deann Bradford, Exec. Dir. Leadeship Donnelson/Hermitage
Your sessions on Conflict Management and Strengths Leadership were life changing. Not only did this information change and reshape my view from a professional level but it was also impactful on a personal level. It is very empowering to gain knowledge that can be put into practice immediately and make a difference.
— Krista Mason. Group Benefits Manager

Andrew makes an audience feel like he is in a one-on-one conversation with each of them. Participants gain new insights of their own and new ways of looking at their experiences rather than simply hearing another speaker’s predetermined conclusions. Andrew leads them to internalize the message and apply it for themselves.
— David Plummer, Architect
Andrew’s balance of professional ability and personal connection is what distinguishes him from other consultants. He provided the guidance and perspective we needed during a time of major transition and helped us identify and maximize our opportunities.
— Dr. T. Davis, Chief Physician, Administrator
Leadership is an adventure to Andrew and the people he works with quickly catch his enthusiasm for it. They get a new perspective on the challenges and opportunities they face and they get excited about what lies ahead for themselves and the people they lead.
— Leslie Carrn, Director Staff Development
Andrew’s a great teacher. The participants learned a lot and didn’t want to stop at the end of the day! The experience was just want we needed, and his style made it feel more like an opportunity than a training event.
— Parker Minchin, Director
Dr. Johnston’s keynote hit the perfect mark. I could not have been more pleased with how he integrated the themes of our program into his address. His remarks were tailored perfectly to fit our situation and the goals I described, and his talk was a huge success!
— Dr. Larry M. Hall, Vice President & Provost