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If you're planning a conference or special event, you need a great speaker to set the tone for the experience or wrap it up in a way that will stick with participants.

Dr. Johnston is the speaker you're looking for. His uniquely personal and engaging style draws the audience in and makes the content stick long after its over.  His practical approach, memorable stories and good humor awaken and encourage participants and make conferences, meetings, and other events unforgettable.



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Andrew makes an audience feel like he is in a one-on-one conversation with each of them. Participants gain insights of their own and new ways of looking at their experiences rather than simply hearing another speaker's predetermined conclusions. Andrew leads them to internalize the message and apply it for themselves.

–David Plummer, Principal, Centric Architecture

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We were thrilled with Dr. Johnston's address... It raised the caliber of the entire event. He spoke right to the heart of our leaders and incorporated our theme and values beautifully.

–Deann Bradford, Exec. Dir. Leadership Donnelson/Hermitage

Larry Hall mug circle.png

Dr. Johnston's keynote hit the perfect mark. I could not have been more pleased with how he integrated the themes of our program into his address. His remarks were tailored perfectly to fit our situation and the goals I described, and his talk was a huge success! 

–Dr. Larry M. Hall, Vice President & Provost, Lenoir-Rhyne University

Chelsea Swindol mug round.png

When considering speakers, Andrew was an obvious choice.  He's been a favorite for his teaching ability and his fine-tuned storytelling skills engage his audiences and keep them engrossed in the subject matter.  Our team holds his knowledge base, teaching talent, and personal approach in highest regard.

–Chelsea Swindle, Executive Development Program Administrator