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Fired Up! Kindling & Keeping the Spark in Creative Teams

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Get Your Team Fired Up!

In his book Fired Up: Kindling and Keeping the Spark in Creative Teams, Dr. J encourages leaders and equips them to make the most of the people they lead. Written with an emphasis on managing and maximizing creatives, Fired Up has become a must-read for any leader wanting to unlock potential and collaboration in their team.

Dr. Johnston describes practical principles that will help you fire up your team and keep them burning bright. Fired Up will quickly be your go-to guide for tuning up your leadership and transforming your team.

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Content Description

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In Fired Up! Dr. Johnston uses the familiar components of the fire triangle– Oxygen, Fuel, and Heat– to organize and unpack powerful principles for making the most of your team.  Each section focuses on a different leadership objective...


Part 1: Oxygen

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Oxygen lets a fire breathe. This first section of the book helps leaders put wind in people’s sails and provide the physical and conceptual space they need to create.

Part 2: Fuel

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Fuel feeds a fire. The second section helps leaders stoke the flames and keep their teams from burning up or burning out in the consuming process of creation.

Part 3: Heat

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Heat ignites a fire. The final section helps leaders turn possibilities into reality by turning up the heat on motivation, quality, and direction.


Praise for Fired Up...