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The Season of the Firehose (Part 1): Fostering Innovation When Life is Too Full

Lately, I’ve been struggling to fit my life into my life; there’s too much of it, and too little of me… In the Season of the Fire Hose, life is too full, and the fire in people diminishes because they don’t have room to breathe. They find themselves gasping for air in the wash of everything they have to do and they’re desperately in need of something called “margin”.

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Getting Sticky: Four Ways to Make Your Leadership Last

This is an abiding riddle of leadership: some things stick like glue with no effort, almost accidentally, while others defy even your best efforts to keep them alive and in front of your people. I confess, I haven’t figured it all out yet, but here are four Secrets to Stickiness that will help you boost the staying power of your words and ideas.

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