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POWER up your team…

Great teams don’t just happen, they have to be built. Training experiences with Dr. Johnston pump up their potential and equip them for the next level.

Dr. J is committed to helping you achieve your specific goals, so his educational sessions target your specific interests and needs. This means his seminars and workshops hit the mark. Participants find them unusually pertinent and learning becomes more enjoyable and enduring. 

POPULAR TOPICS INCLUDE:  Influence & Motivation, Conflict & Difficult Conversations, Talent & Strength Development, Supervision & Accountability, Trust & Team-Building. Download: Highlighted Programs

Unlock Your Personal Best…

An executive coaching relationship is one of the most powerful levers for personal and professional growth. Let Dr. J help you discover and unleash your individual potential.

Clients that engage Dr. J as a coach want results, and Dr. J’s experience as a counselor and executive leader equip him to achieve them. He brings the insight, encouragement, and good counsel you need to walk through difficult times or step into your fullest potential.

POPULAR OUTCOMES: The specific goals of coaching relationships vary with the interests and expectations of individual clients and revolve around Personal & Professional Growth, Problem-Solving, Personal & Professional Transition, Change Management, Performance Coaching, etc. Download: Executive Coaching Brief

Prepare for success…

Thirty years of inspiring and surviving change as a senior leader and educator make Dr. Johnston a valued consultant and advisor to leaders and teams.

Dr. J quickly gets to the heart of what it takes to make the most of people and organizations. He’s the insightful and dependable partner you need when you’re trying to rise to new challenges or step into new opportunities. You’ll find his contributions to your planning or preparation refreshingly supportive, honest, and informed.

COMMON ISSUES: Consulting engagements vary with the needs of individuals and organizations but often target issues related to Organizational Structure & Design, Strategic Planning, Roles and Responsibilities, Communication, Change Management, and Human Resources. Download: Selected Topic List


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Why settle for generic development experiences or "off the rack" training and development programs when you can have something customized specifically for you or your team?

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what clients are saying…

Dr. Johnston's teaching is of the highest quality and he is unusually able to adjust to unexpected interests or needs that emerge during the engagement. I am continually impressed by his ability to adapt to different experience levels, tones, or needs and to smoothly combine research and academic content with practical discussion and personal conversation.  –Melanie Adams, Executive Director, Center for Executive Education

Dr. Johnston makes a big impact on his clients...  Leaders identify with him because he’s one of them. He’s been in the trenches and understands the challenges they face every day. This experience translates into a practical perspective and an ability to speak with insight, humor, and compassion on the business of moving people and organizations.  –Dr. Phil Cherico, Executive Pastor

Leadership is an adventure to Andrew, and the people he works with quickly catch his enthusiasm for it. They get a new perspective on the challenges and opportunities they face and they get excited about what lies ahead for themselves and the people they lead.   –Leslie Carrn, Director Staff Development

Dr. Johnston connects with people in ways other consultants don’t. He’s genuine, knowledgeable, and unmistakably committed to making them successful. As a result, people listen to him more closely, consider the substance more thoroughly, and apply the lessons more effectively. – Vince Taylor, Vice President for Finance

Not only are you an excellent speaker but the depth of your knowledge and your gift for teaching impacted us deeply. It is common to attend an event and come away energized but it is rare to come away truly changed and given tools that make an immediate difference for yourself and your team/employer. –Tammy Mason, Group Benefits Department Manager

Dr. Johnston’s balance of professional ability and personal connection is what distinguishes him from other consultants. He provided the guidance and perspective we needed during a time of major transition and helped us identify and maximize our opportunities. –Dr. T. Davis, Chief Physician, Administrator

Your sessions on Conflict Management and Strengths Leadership were life changing.  Not only did the information change and reshape my view from a professional level. but it was also impactful on a personal level.  It is very empowering to gain knowledge that can be put into practice immediately and make a difference. – Krista Calphon, Talent Development Manager

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